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Check it out! Our materials make it super easy and fun for teachers and directors to prepare shows that will blow everyone’s minds. Browse our catalog and start planning this adventure today!

Why Kaikana Musicals

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Comprehensive Guide

Our children’s musicals include a comprehensive guide from planning to execution, making life easier for educators and directors. With detailed suggestions for set design, costumes, choreography, and more, we simplify the process, so you can focus on guiding the young artists.

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Instant Delivery

Get quick approval and instant digital delivery of all the materials you need for your production.

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Catchy Songs

Hand in hand with talented composers, our songs are the soul of each musical. From catchy melodies to educational lyrics, each note is designed to inspire a passion for music and learning in every child.

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Engaging Scripts

Immerse your students in captivating stories crafted by educators and theater professionals. Our scripts not only entertain but also incorporate educational elements, turning each performance into an experience that leaves a lasting impression on young artists.

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Multilingual Materials

All of our musicals are available in both English and Spanish, offering a rich cultural and linguistic experience.

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Educational Integration

Our musicals seamlessly blend entertainment with educational objectives. Each production serves as a valuable tool for teaching essential concepts in an engaging and memorable manner.

By choosing Kaikana, you are opting for more than just theatrical productions. You are embracing a powerful tool to inspire, educate, and transform lives. Discover the magical world of musicals with us and take creativity to new heights!

What's Included in
Our Musicals for Kids


It's more than just a script; it's a tool crafted to inspire and ensure a polished, professional performance.
Created to infuse the play with rhythm and excitement.


Filled with creative ideas for sets, sketches, costume design, props, lighting, sound, and more.
You're going to love it!


-Vocal Demos
-Backing Tracks
-Harmony Practice Tracks
Refine each note and perfect your performance.


Streamline rehearsals with our suggested Choreography Videos.
Just Dance-inspired videos. What more do you need?


Immerse your performance with our captivating Sound Effects.
Absolutely! Add an extra touch of excitement to the show; the audience loves it! 🙂


Enhance your rehearsals with our complete piano and vocal score book featuring the songs from the musical.
Straightforward yet detailed arrangements that will ease your rehearsals.


Printable Poster Cover in JPEG format, designed to give your musical the spotlight it deserves.
Captivate your audience from the first glance.


-Performance license
-Performance Recording License
-Material Printing License
Enjoy a year of performance and make exclusive recordings.

Why wait? Embark on a journey through our catalog’s wonders now!


Kaikana is your one-stop-shop for children’s musicals online. We offer schools and theater groups everything they need to put on a fantastic show!

From scripts and practice tracks to creative ideas for sets, costumes, and more, we’ve got you covered. With Kaikana, staging a memorable performance with your students has never been easier!

Once you purchase your chosen musical, all the materials will be sent to the email you provide during checkout, along with a license allowing you to perform it for one year, record and share it on social media, and make photocopies of the material.

Absolutely! We believe in empowering you to make the performance uniquely yours. Whether it’s adjusting the script, characters, or modifying sheet music, feel free to tailor the material to suit your vision. Our goal is to provide flexibility and ease, allowing you to make the necessary adjustments to enhance your production.

Just be sure to acknowledge Kaikana Musicals along the way!

Simple and convenient! Once your order is placed and the payment process is completed, all the materials you need to get started will be sent straight to your email address provided during checkout.
And don’t worry about your licenses! They’ll be sent in a separate email within a maximum period of 24-48 hours. So, you’ll have everything you need to get started in no time. Easy as that!

It’s easy! When filling out the purchase form, you’ll be asked when you want your license to start. The one-year countdown begins from the day you choose.

Nope, no need to worry about your wallet. You’re free to rock the musical as many times as you like or sell tickets for a whole year, as long as you credit the production to ‘Kaikana Musicals.

We’re sorry, but currently, we don’t offer the option to purchase separate parts of the material. The full package is the only available option.

Absolutely! Along with your order, we’re throwing in a recording license, giving you the green light to record, make copies, and even share those videos on social media. Just throw a shoutout to Kaikana Musicals in each description. Just a heads up—no making money off those recordings, okay? It’s important to note that monetizing these videos is not allowed.

You bet! When you purchase the show, you’re armed with a license to make as many copies as you need for your production. However, please note that making copies of the downloadable sample materials without purchasing the musical is strictly prohibited.

Absolutely! Just switch the website’s language to Spanish or English, and you’ll be able to view the material and listen to the songs in your preferred language. Add the musical to your cart with your chosen preference. This ensures you can enjoy the experience in the language that best fits your needs and those of your group!

All our materials are entirely digital and downloadable. There are no shipments of physical materials, so you can access everything right away.

The time to prep can vary, but fear not! We provide detailed resources and a user-friendly structure to make integration into your educational program a walk in the park. The scripts, tunes, and logistical suggestions are all carefully designed to streamline educators’ efforts.

We’re on a mission to infuse positive vibes into every song we cook up. Our entire catalog undergoes a thorough check to make sure all materials align with our values—think inspiration, innovation, collaboration, respect, inclusion, and joyful celebration—while making learning, engagement, and well-being relevant for today’s students.

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Original and Fun MUSICALS For Kids!


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